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Joe 'Samoa' McMullin

Volunteer Coordinator

Originally from the island of Samoa, Joe has lived near the ocean all his life. He’s always felt one with the ocean. His love and respect for the ocean began at an early age with childhood memories in Samoa at his home next to a blue Lagoon in Leone, and at Fort Mac Arthur in San Pedro, where his

brothers and sisters would play for hours in the water. As a surfer, since he was 11, he would catch waves and imagine being a shark. In the Polynesian islands the sharks protect the seas and the islands. He remembers the water teaming with fish. Sadly, this is no longer the case. He has observed this decline over recent years.                                 


Joe’s dream for the next generation to come is to be able to enjoy a clean and healthy ocean as he did as a child. Also to bring awareness to the masses that what we do here in California affects Hawaii and the other Pacific Islands in a terrible way; even though we can’t see it. Some mornings when Joe is surfing here his son will be surfing in Hawaii connected by ONE OCEAN.


As Volunteer Coordinator, he plans to work hard networking / recruiting volunteers, which is crucial for the future of Surfrider and the ocean he loves.