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Rise Above Plastics is a starting point for raising awareness of the problems that plastic brings to our oceans. Every bit of plastic ever produced still exists today and much of it ends up in the ocean – as evidenced by the infamous flotillas in the Pacific Northwest Gyre. RAP endeavors to spur you to action – at home, at the store, at City Hall.

Central to our campaign is an attempt to kill the demand for non-necessary plastics at the source, by encouraging the packaging. We aim to transcend (rise above!) the knee-jerk acceptance of single-use plastic bottles or ubiquitous plastic shopping bags (or other “do-dad” plastic junk created for new, introduced “needs”) when better robust, reusable and sustainable options exist.

Here are some numbers:

  • Californians are issued 600 plastic bags EVERY SECOND. Most are used only one time and then discarded.
  • The amount of petroleum required to produce single use water bottles, filter the water, transport and dispose of these UN-necessities could be represented with each bottle being quarter-filled with petroleum.

The easy targets are the bottles and bags – we are attempting to find ways to shift the general public away from use of these items through awareness and education, legislation and other innovative methods to be developed by our members. This is where we hope to activate and energize you – bring on your ideas, initiatives and impetus!

Join the Surfrider Foundation’s RAP campaign and make a difference on our essential marine environment. Check out the blog here.

Rise Above Plastic – Plastic Kills! from Surfrider Foundation on Vimeo.

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