11th St. Drain Pipe • Huntington Beach

The local Coast Guard has asked our Surfrider Chapter to be involved in a “Spill Prevention Response Volunteer Beach Clean Up Team” for our area if an oil spill happened like that which just happened up in San Francisco.

San Francisco had some 500 plus volunteers show up and no organizations were ready for the amount of help. It was a great response, but Federal and State agencies which handle these spills had a lot of problems completing steps with volunteers doing good, but over stepping their particular item of responsibility. Lots of rules and notes to be taken to make sure everything is ok after clean up.

Our list of volunteers would be responsible for Beaches in our Chapter area between the San Gabriel and Santa Ana Rivers. Possibly other areas close if needed.

Hopefully the Volunteer Roster will never have to be used, but if it did happen we would have an organized Beach Clean Up Team to assist the Coast Guard and California State Department of Fish & Game Office of Spill Prevention to bring our Beaches back to the useable state.

Volunteers make themselves available if a problem occurs. Training is given 4 hours after the spill to handle the particular items in the spill. Team Supervisors would require a 24 hour training known as Hazwopper.

Our Surfrider Chapter is building a roster of interested Members and anyone else who wants to help. All volunteers must be at least 18 years old.

Please respond to spillsbhb@surfrider.org to assist in this great effort to keep our Beaches and Oceans in a state for us and our children to live with in our years to come.

MikeBFor more information:
Mike Balchin, hbsbchair@surfrider.org

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