As many of us are cooped up in our homes, maybe watching surf movies or seeing uncrowded waves while checking Surfline, we still have it within our own individual power to make a Positive Environmental Impact.


Just think, millions of people are at home doing things they normally don’t do during the day. Yes, the skies are cleaner because fewer cars are on the road, but is there anything you can do around the house to help conserve energy, save on paper or plastic products, or just change your daily habits? When our “in-house“ suspension ends are these options you can continue to do in order to be conservation wise in the future?


I remember a story my dad told me about growing up in the Great Depression. It was about toilet paper (who has some?). Anyway, when he and his sister had to use some they were given 4-6 sheets and told they had to fold and unfold it in ways to get a clean side after each wipe. My dad said he could do it using three pieces. No way!! Were they a foot long?


Anyway, the point is this, what can one do to help conserve right now?


1. Any leaking faucets? Leaking toilets? Those drips add up.


2. Be water wise. Notice your habits. If you leave water running while doing a task then turn it off. Ex: Brushing your teeth. Don't let the water run. Do you use hair conditioner? Turn the shower water off while it sets in.


3. Electricity and gas. Like above, turn it off in rooms you’re not using. Also, turn down your furnace, wear an extra shirt.


4. Reuse your plastic bags. Ex: If you freeze fresh fruit for smoothies, try reusing the baggies and putting the same fresh fruit back in those bags. Also, use mesh bags for buying fruit when possible... not plastic bags.


5. Composting. Use some of those larger containers that you’re collecting and turn them into small composting bins. Move them to larger ones outside. Or, if you have a yard, toss any fruit or veggie scraps onto the grass... it breaks down easy when mowed.


6. Repurpose items. Can you use any cardboard cereal boxes as fuel to start a wood fire? Can you use items for art projects? Can you use containers for storage? Think and be creative.


7. Reuse Water. If you just made pasta, or boiled something, don’t just toss that water down the drain. Let it cool and water your plants with it.


8. Walk. Now that you’re not bothered by time constraints, if you’re close to a store or post office... walk there. It will help you de-stress and you save on gasoline.


9. Check your gutters.  See any litter there from the rains? Pick it up and toss it so it doesn’t reach the ocean.


Well, what can you do to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle while on suspension? Share your photos with us on social media as we’d like to know (remember to tag @hsbsurfrider and use #hsbsurfrider so we don't miss your post!).


Mahalo and be safe.